[1.5.2] Wolves+ Mod


Wolf Drop Spawn Specialness
Alpha Wolf Wolf Scepter Boss
Cake Wolf Cake Forest, Taiga - Common
Coal Wolf Coal Forest, Taiga - Common
Creeper Wolf Gunpowder Forest, Taiga - Common Explodes
Diamond Wolf Diamond Forest, Taiga - Rare
Dirt Wolf Dirt Forest, Taiga - Common
Emerald Wolf Emerald Forest, Taiga - Rare
Ender Wolf Ender Pearl End - Common Particles
Fire Wolf Flint & Steel Nether - Common Particles, Immune to Fire
Glowstone Wolf Glowstone Dust Nether - Common Glows
Gold Wolf Gold Ingot Forest, Taiga - Rare
Iron Wolf Iron Ingot Forest, Taiga - Rare
Lapis Wolf Lapis Lizuli Forest, Taiga - Rare
Lava Wolf Lava Bucket Nether - Common Particles
Redstone Wolf Redstone Dust Forest, Taiga - Common Particles
Santa Wolf
Skeleton Wolf Bone Forest, Taiga - Common Shoots Arrows
Snow Wolf Snowball Taiga - Common Particles, Shoots Snowballs
Water Wolf Water Bucket River, Ocean - Common Particles
Wither Wolf Nether Star Nether - Very Rare

- All wolves can be tamed
- All wolves can be bred, but they must be tamed first.
- Tame wolves will chase and kill any mob that you hit, even other wolves, as long as they are not tame.
- Wolves can run very fast, tamed or not.
- Wolves will now attack zombies, spiders, cave spiders, and skeletons as long as they are in a 16 block radius.
- Wolves can jump 2.5 blocks high when attacking.
- Wolves will run away from Creepers to avoid being blown up.