[1.8.8] MystcraftUtils


The ultimate dimension and mystcraft age manager
Originally developed for use on the PreludeCraft server, it has developed into more then just a Mystcraft dimension manager, but an all around dimension manager compatible with almost everything


  • Dimension claiming
  • Owner and Member permission system
  • Limit on how many dimensions a player can have


/myst claim - Claim the dimension you are in
/myst delete - Delete the dimension you are in
/myst info - Get info about the dimension you are in
/myst kick - Kick a player from a dimension
/myst list - List all the dimensions registered
/myst listown - List the dimensions that you are part of
/myst spawn - Teleport to world spawn
/myst tpx - Teleport to spawn of world specified
/myst addowner - Add an owner to the dimension you are in
/myst addmember - Add a member to the dimension you are in
/myst removeowner - Remove an owner from the dimension you are in
/myst removemember - Remove a member from the dimension you are in
/myst reload - Reload the plugin configs (including dimension data)


mystcraftutils.overrideowner - Override dimension owner, useful for non-opped players
mystcraftutils.overridemember - Override dimension member, useful for non-opped players
mystcraftutils.reload - The ability to reload plugin configs, needed for /myst reload
mystcraftutils.tpx - The ability to teleport to dimensions, needed for /myst tpx
mystcraftutils.tp.others - The ability to teleport others to spawn
mystcraftutils.kick - The ability to kick players from a dimension, this is given ti dimension owners by default